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Birthday Us Always: Cake Recipes and Tips That Make Homemade Cakes Beautif

Birthday Us Always: Cake Recipes and Tips That Make Homemade Cakes Beautif

Homemade Cakes Tips

We did not forgive, wipe, and sweep where we found cakes with a full cream, full of fruit and plenty of chocolate that cheer up their five o’clock tea, make the day beautiful. We ate it with pleasure. Always ready, always ready. Until where?

We are not talking about preparing a wedding cake to create a work of art, we respect professional cake makers. It is a separate creation, but it is not as difficult as it is thought to prepare delicious cakes that will collect even a slice of homemade two or even three floors (let’s make a wedding cake). You will not understand how the hours pass while you whisk the cream and shape the fruits.

It’s a bit messy, but it’s just as fun to collect the stuff with cream, chocolate and cake crumbs.

How to make a sponge cake or sponge cake, the core of a sumptuous cake?

Without it, forget about the cake, if it becomes dull, withdrawn and hard as a stone, forget about preparing the cake again. You wouldn’t have prepared a homemade cake using ready-made cake bases. No blowing, no puffing. We can also make sponge cake, don’t get used to cowardly.

Well, what does this sponge cake mean?

Sponge cake 2; the building block that you will prepare with love (we haven’t prepared yet, wait) that will wrap the cream and keep it standing. The pillar of the house. To prepare two or three layer cakes; Although the proportions of the ingredients vary slightly according to the recipes, it is among the criteria that will make us say “you are with us” that they swell like a puff, the inside is eye-to-eye and oil-free.

The situation is a little different for Swiss rolls. In their preparation, our cake mortar should lie on wax paper. Whatever the final shape and style of your cake, remember that there are golden rules for preparing the sponge cake.

Tips for preparing a puffy sponge cake or sponge cake

It is imperative to prepare carefully. The recipes will be your guide on your way to happiness, but you should keep all the ingredients you will use in the pasta city in your room. Your up is in 1 pocket.

For puffy cakes: Beat the egg yolk and whites separately

After the eggs are separated into separate containers, the white and yolk one by one, the process should be started. Yellow should not mix into the flock and white into the yellow (there is no such thing as an evil in every good).

Egg whites should be whisked until they have a consistency and become solid. After the other ingredients are added to the egg yolks, both should be blended using a wooden spoon or spatula. Goodbye to the mixer at this stage.

Don’t get confused: Is baking soda used in pastries? How does baking powder rise a cake?

Baking powder; A mixture containing ingredients such as baking soda, starch, cream tartar. Is baking soda? When it is mixed with a liquid and acid-containing substance (such as yogurt, vinegar, lemon juice), it is activated and carbon dioxide bubbles are formed. When it enters the oven, the hot air enlarges the bubbles and causes the cake to rise.

If this duo is used together; The baking powder works for the baking process and the baking soda works to regulate the acidity. If you don’t have products like yoghurt or lemon juice in your ingredient list, wink for baking powder. By the way, how should yogurt be? Your time has expired. Of course, it should be at room temperature so that it does not prevent blistering.

Pay attention here: How to use cake ingredients?

Of course, you know that all the wet cake ingredients you will use must be fresh, but let’s start by reminding that. Then, let’s also point out that it is important to stick to the measurements given in the cake recipes. It is so important that even the size of the eggs you will use affects the consistency of the sponge you prepare.

Solid materials such as baking powder and flour should be sifted in a separate bowl and added to the cake mortar. After the flour is added, it should not be mixed too much in order to prevent a rubbery structure. Although the consistency varies according to the recipe, it should generally be of boza consistency. If the flour escapes a little, the cake will collapse and the crust will form. Beware of! A little tip: Throw two tablespoons of flour from the flour to be added to the cake and supplement it with wheat starch.

Multi shape: How to use a cake mold?

Read the recipe thoroughly. He will talk about mold size somewhere in his cooking suggestions. Tightly closing springform cake tins are very suitable for preparing round and folded cakes. If the mold is directly proportional to the recipe, you will avoid being small or overflowing.

Before the baking process, all sides of the mold should be oiled with butter, then floured lightly or covered with oil paper, taking care that no fold marks occur. Make aluminum foil your last choice. If possible, the shiny part should not touch the cake mortar or the product you will cook. The cake mixture transferred to the bowl should not cover the whole mold. It is ideal to have a gap of of the mold.

Temperature matters: How should the oven setting be when making a sponge cake?

Most sponge cake recipes are baked in a non-preheated oven at 10-20 degrees lower than normal cakes. Although the normal cake baking interval varies according to oven types, it can be considered between 170-180 degrees.
The most critical time is the first 20-25 minutes. Be patient, never open the oven door. Although the sponges cooked on greaseproof paper can be easily wrapped in warm condition without breaking, do not try to remove the cakes from their molds in the heat. Let them rest a little bit, so to speak, let them brew. Open the oven door slightly after the cooking process. Don’t let the heat suddenly change. Get used to the outside environment, then your job is easier.

A little patience: Do not use the sponge cake immediately after cooking, let it rest

After the sponge cake comes out of the oven, cooled at room temperature and wrapped in a cheesecloth or cling film, let it sit in the refrigerator for a day. It can even rest in the freezer, then split into floors. There is no harm. Be sure to carefully cut it into layers with a sharp knife or cut it with a professional cake base slicer.

Really, how to make cake cream?

The sponge cake swelled like a puff, slightly browned. It cooled down and was taken to rest. Another indispensable part of the cake, we are preparing for cream and decoration. Do not forget for what taste and purpose you prepare your cake. If our subject is not a birthday or a special celebration, it would be appropriate to prepare a fruit cake with pieces of fruit and a chocolate cake with the addition of chocolate, hazelnuts and peanuts. What would you most like to see on our cake? Whipped cream, fat cream, pastry cream, ganache, chocolate cream …

The greatest convenience in making cake cream: Whipped cream recipe

Not everyone likes its taste, but it is known as the lifesaving cream in kitchens. It is sold in liquid and powder form. Essentially, a packet of whipped cream is whipped with a glass of cold milk and then kept in the refrigerator to cool and harden. It is customary to play a finger and taste it.

For cakes like instant cake: Pastry cream recipe (creme patisserie)

Ekler cake, profiterole, German cake, the artery of recipes such as the egg yolk in abundance is a type of cream. It is also very delicious, healthy, dark and delicious filling material. It is cooked like a pudding with 3 eggs, half a glass of granulated sugar, 1.5 cups of flour, 1 liter of milk, 1 pack of vanilla and 100 grams of butter. We can take those who want to see how it is cooked in detail.

For those looking for intense taste: Fat cream recipe

It can be recommended to those who find the cream whipped cream without consistency. For a 22-26 cm cake base; It is recommended to whisk 100 grams of butter kept at room temperature until it becomes cream, then whisk it with 200 grams of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of water until it reaches a consistency and use it after cooling. If desired, add cocoa with cocoa, and make mousse cream for a more intense taste.

See: Mousse Cream Cake

Because you can’t get enough of chocolate: Chocolate cream recipe

Melted chocolate can be added to fat cream, or if the dark chocolate melted in bain-marie is whipped with twice the liquid cream after warming, this flavor is obtained. Then give me a chocolate cake.

White or black: the ganache recipe

It is used for plastering most cakes that are filled with pastry cream or oily cream. The quality, cocoa ratio and freshness of the chocolate directly affect the result. For a chocolate ganache; Cream and dark chocolate can be used in a one-to-one ratio, considering the recipes. Chocolate chips are added to the cream, which is heated before it reaches boiling point, and it is constantly mixed to melt. After it reaches room temperature, it is mixed with a mixer and the cake is plastered. If milk or white chocolate is used, the cream rate should be reduced.

Let the flavors meet: Shaping and decorating the cake

The sponge cake has cooled to separate layers and is waiting in the fridge for the cream to form. It’s time for the final stage. As we learned, we carefully divide the sponge cake into layers. That moment!
Each layer of the sponge divided into layers should be uniform, if the top slice is slightly curved, it should be shaved. Sponge cake layers should be soaked carefully with little water or milk. It should be covered with cold cream, not hot, and the cream layer should not be too high.

If fruit slices are to be added, the fruits should be fresh, harmless, and if juicy, the juice should be drained. No external force should spoil the consistency of the cream. Nuts should be added after carefully sorted. Instead of being buried in the cream, the fruits should appear from the edges and say I’m here.

We came to the most fun part: Cake decoration

After the cake is covered, the paste should be removed. If it is left too dry, it should be slightly wetted. After a thin layer of cream with a little cream, it should be plastered with a polish material such as ganache or chocolate cream prepared according to desire. At this stage, a long and wide cake spatula should be used. It should be decorated with minnak cake decorations, pearls, chocolate or fruit grains. In short, this stage where you can express your creativity and add the ingredients you want depends on applying your cake cream correctly.

With the help of a wide spatula placed underneath, the cream smeared around the cake taken on the serving plate is plastered. After the cake on the podium collects the applause, he gives his last salute, unaware of what will happen to him. Without giving the opportunity to experience this pride, it is sliced ​​into slices and devoured with pleasure.


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