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15 Best Tips for The Kitchen

15 Best Tips for The Kitchen

Want to save time in the kitchen?

If you love to cook but spend hours in the kitchen, these tips are just for you …


Most of us spend the longest time at home in the kitchen. That’s why tricks are so important to be both quick and practical. We have compiled 15 interesting information that will make your work easier in the kitchen for you …

To keep the green vegetables color while cooking, soak them in salty cold water for 10-15 minutes.

If your soup is watery, fry some oil and flour. Then add it into the soup and mix well. You will see that it becomes thick. If there is a lot of salt, add a few sliced ​​raw potatoes to the soup. Potato absorbs salt.

If you cannot remove the hot cake from the new oven, put a wet cloth under it and wait for a while. So it will come off without sticking.

Puncture the bottom of the boiled egg with a needle without putting it in water to peel it easily. Once boiled, it will come out without forcing you. Another method is to add baking powder to the boiling water of the egg. Likewise, it provides easy peeling.

Put a glass of water next to the food that is heated in the microwave so that it is not dry.

If bay leaf is put into flour, it prevents infestation.

When barbecued fish, place lemons cut in cylinders to prevent the fish from sticking to the grill.

If you put a wooden spoon on the boiling pot, you will prevent overflow.

If your fridge is moist, put a few tea plates of salt and wait for 1 night. If your refrigerator smells bad, add a cup of coffee or baking powder. When you dip a cotton ball in vanilla and put it in your fridge, the smell disappears.

When cutting the bread, cut the bread on the reverse side to prevent it from splintering.

Wash and cut greens such as parsley and purslane while they are fresh. Then put it in fridge bags and tie it tightly.
You can take out and use the greens you throw in the freezer whenever you want.

To get rid of the fishy smell that permeates the kitchen, put 3 tablespoons of vinegar in 2 cups of water and boil it a little.
It will smell fishy in the air.

If you need to use frozen butter urgently, heat a glass of water in the microwave. Then pour the water and put the butter you will use in the glass.

For the smell of onion and garlic on your hands, rub your hands with boiled potatoes. The smell will go away.

Put a clove of garlic in the jars to prevent the legumes from infecting and spoiling.

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