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12 Tips For Kitchen

12 Tips For Kitchen

We are used to some of the challenges in the kitchen, but we don’t think of finding solutions for any of them.

1. A little salt is enough to soften your strong coffee.

Coffee molecules combined with boiled water have a harder taste. But don’t let this coffee spoil your pleasure! Just a pinch of salt will be enough to soften your coffee. The sodium in the salt will prevent you from getting the bitter taste of the coffee. I know it’s illogical but it works.

2. Keeping the onion in the refrigerator before chopping it can prevent your tears from flooding.

When you cut the onion, many chemical reactions occur. Onion enzymes combined with oxygen cause tears. The onion you keep in the refrigerator does not react as quickly as onions at room temperature and reduces the tear time.

3. Cook for 7 minutes or less to keep your green vegetables looking fresh and green.

Okay, I am not talking about olive oil dishes, if you cook your boiled or steamed vegetables for 7 minutes or more, their colors will fade and their texture will deteriorate. If you don’t like vegetables that are soft enough to shred, be sure to check your watch.

4. With a glass of water, you can see if your egg is bad.

If it is submerged in water, it is suitable for eating. However, if it starts to float on the water, throw it away.

5. If you want the green bananas to mature immediately, a paper bag and tomato is enough.

Ripe tomatoes secrete ethylene hormone. Ethylene is a gas used to ripen fruits. Therefore, if you put the two together in a sealed bag (paper allows them to breathe), bananas will mature much faster.

6. If you put your dried cookies in a sealed bag with a piece of bread, they will soften immediately.

You made cookies like you did, left them out to cool, but you forgot? Fortunately, the sugar in the cookie has “moisture-catching” properties. For this reason, a piece of bread and a cookie placed in a bag will absorb all the moisture in the bread with less sugar.

7. The way to get rid of dried dishes is coke!

Yes, you did not hear wrong, cola and similar acidic beverages contain phosphoric acid. This acid, which is used industrially for rust removal, turns into iron phosphate when it reacts with rust. Iron phosphate is a substance that facilitates cleaning. In other words, you can remove the dried dirt on your cast iron pans in less than 2 minutes.

8. The water and ice you add a little salt will cool your drinks much faster.

Salt water has a higher boiling point than ordinary water. For this reason, the ice you throw in salt water will cool the water in a shorter time and will keep it cold for a longer time.

9. Punching a hole in the middle of your large meatballs will prevent them from burning.

When grilling large meatballs, there is a reaction between sugar and amino acids. This reaction causes the meat to brown and the onion to caramelize. When you make a hole in the middle, the heat spreads more quickly and the meatballs are cooked without burning.

10. Stretch film or a layer of water will prevent your avocado sauce from browning.

Avocado contains a substance called phenol, which causes darkening when combined with oxygen. For this reason, you can protect the avocado from encountering oxygen with cling film or water.
The water may sound a bit disgusting, but it will not mix with your avocado sauce, just pour the water and mix the sauce once more before eating. Another suggestion might be to cover it with cling film, but don’t forget to cover the cling film so that the sauce smears on it.

11. Coffee between 09.30 and 11.30 is more effective in terms of caffeine.

If you want to get the most out of your coffee, you should drink it while your stress hormone (cortisol) is low. Dr. According to Stephen Miller, most people’s cortisol levels peak between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, 12:00 am and 13:00 pm, and 17.30-18:30.

12. To prevent the beer from spoiling, you should store it in the dark.

Sunlight affects most drinks as well as beer. Therefore, the smell and taste of beer that is exposed to the sun changes.

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