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White Chocolate Pie

White Chocolate Pie


Base for:
-80 grams of melted butter
-2-2,5 cups of oatmeal biscuits
-2 tablespoons of milk

For Mousse:
-3.5 cups of white chocolate
-1 cup yogurt
-4 sheets of gelatin
-4 tablespoons cold water
-2.5 cups of cream (raw-milk cream)

For the above:
-Mint leaves
-Chocolate Roll


For the base of the dessert, mix the milk with your biscuits and melted butter that you pass through the rundo.
Spread the mixture on the bottom of the muffin molds, press down and set aside.
For mousse, melt the white chocolate in bain-marie.
Take the gelatin sheets in a heat resistant container and add cold water. Place the container on top of a pot full of boiling water. Wait until the gelatin is dissolved and remove from the oven.
Mix the melted white chocolate and yogurt in a bowl.
Add the gelatin and cream and continue stirring.
Divide the mixture evenly into the molds on which you spread the biscuit on the base and straighten it.
Leave the dessert in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
Sprinkle cocoa on pies in muffin molds.
Peel off the muffin sheets and place them on the serving plate.
Garnish with mint leaves and chocolate roll serve.

Important note:
The use of gelatin in desserts is a bit troublesome. Take the raw cream and yoghurt out 1 hour before preparing the dessert. If hot gelatin is added to the cold cream and yoghurt, its sweet appearance will be smooth. Gelatin freezes in a cold mixture. The tricky thing to note is that the cream ingredients are equally hot.
It is better if you peel the paper on the sides of the dessert and keep it in the cupboard a little longer.

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