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Creamy Caramel Pie



-Half a cup of sugar
-1 few drops of lemon juice
-3 eggs
-1 box of milk jam 400 g
-1 and a half cups of milk


-Half a glass of sugar, 1 few drops of lemon juice, sugar in the pan and squeeze the lemon juice and caramelized until the spoon do not apply.
-When caramelized, stir.
-If you keep the caramel excessive bitterness, bitterness occurs and the color becomes light. Adjust the color to it and pour our mold through a layer of water and pour caramel
-For cake:
-Mix all the ingredients and pour over the caramel, fill the tray with water and put the caramel mixture in the tray and cook it.
-Let it sit in a 170 degree oven until golden brown.
-After it has cooled slightly, you can turn it over and serve. Do not turn too hot caramel as it flows after you have cooled down fully if you turn the caramel freezes beware of them.

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