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Lemon Flavored Chocolate Nut Panini


Lemon Flavored Chocolate Nut Panini Recipe


Hazelnut cake

-250 g egg
-75 g hazelnut praline
-150 g powdered sugar
-150 g roasted hazelnuts, ground
-165 g egg whites
-1 g tartar cream
-45 g sugar
-50 g sifted wheat flour
-40 g butter melted at 50 ° C

Hazelnut cream

-250 g milk
-30 g corn starch
-50 g sugar
-40 g egg yolks
-2 g gelatin leaves pre-soaked with 12 g water
-50 g praline with hazelnuts
-200 g whipped cream

Lemon basil cream

-200 g lemon juice
-180 g sugar
-105 g yolks
-140 g eggs
-105 g butter
-10 grams of fresh basil leaves
-2 grams of gelatin leaves previously soaked with 12 grams of water


-Hazelnuts cut in half, just enough


Nut cake

Mix eggs with hazelnut praline, powdered sugar and hazelnut powder.
Beat the mixture in the blender until firm peaks are formed. At the same time, whisk the whites in the mixer at medium speed; When they are slightly white, gradually add cream of tartar and sugar.
Keep whisking until you get a preparation that forms firm peaks and integrate it into the praline egg mixture with enveloping movements.
Add flour and butter to the previous mixture with rolling movements.
Preheat the oven to 220 ° C. Distribute the mixture 8 millimeters high on a tray covered with a silicone mat.
Bake for about 5 to 6 minutes. Remove from oven and let it cool.
Cut the cake into 12 cm squares and set aside.

Hazelnut cream

In a saucepan, mix milk, cornstarch, sugar and egg yolk.
Take the pot over medium heat and mix it with a balloon whisk and cook until the consistency and smooth, shiny pastry cream consistency.
While it’s still hot, add juicy gelatin and hazelnut praline to the cream.
Cover it with plastic wrap so that the entire preparation comes into contact with it, and let it cool down until it cools.
Whisk the whipped cream until it forms firm peaks and add the whipped cream to the pastry cream.
Put it in a pastry bag with a smooth handle and set aside.

Lemon Basil Cream

Mix all ingredients except Cream Gelatin in a saucepan.
Put the preparation on the fire and cook until it reaches 84 ° C, stirring with a balloon whisk.
Mix it with gelatin using an immersion blender.
Cover the cream with plastic wrap so that the entire preparation comes into contact with it and store it in the refrigerator until it cools down.
Put it in a pastry bag with a smooth handle and store it in the fridge.


Score the Nut Cake squares until they are roasted in the panini machine.
Cut the cakes into triangles and cut them in half.
On one side of each triangle, distribute alternately a bunch of sponge cake triangles in the form of spheres 1 cm high.
Fill the remaining group with sponge cake triangles.
Store the panini in the refrigerator until serving.
Garnish with hazelnuts.

Enjoy Your Meal.