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50 Most Delicious Recipes in the World.

50 Most Delicious Recipes in the World.

50 Most Delicious Recipes

We brought the 50 most popular recipes in the world to your kitchen. If we cannot go because of COVID, we do it ourselves at home.


For cannoli, the traditional dessert of Italy and to be more precise, Sicily, the dough is wrapped in sticks and fried in oil. Then cream is poured into it. You may come across a variety of flavored cannoli. Recipe: Cannoli

2.Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

For the traditional Austrian dessert, apfelstrudel, apple slices, walnuts and raisins are wrapped in crispy doughs. Powdered sugar is sprinkled on it. Recipe: Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)


Also known as donut, the word meaning of this dessert is “dough hazelnut”. One of the amazing flavors that came out of the USA and spread all over the world. Recipe: Doughnut


Of course, the first mention of Turkey come to mind sweet baklava. Let us remind you that baklava was consumed for pleasure throughout the geography ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Recipe: Baklava

5.Caramel Sticky Cake

A caramel sauce is poured over a date cake for this very popular dessert of British cuisine. Even the image of this cake, which is one of the specialties of the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, is enough to whet the appetite.

Recipe: Caramel Sticky Cake

6.Swedish Cardamom Buns (kardemummabullar)

Swedish traditional dessert is a spicy but sweet cardamom buns. These buns are eaten during the coffee break called fika, which employees in Sweden make twice a day. Recipe: Kardemummabullar

7.Creme Brulee

The sugar sprinkled on the vanilla pudding is burned with a scum. A crispy crust and a soft milky dessert. Of course from France. Recipe: Creme Brulee

8.Black Forest Cake

The traditional dessert of Germany is Black Forest cake. Cherry syrup is poured on the cocoa cake and cream is spread. What is possible to describe the resulting taste. Recipe: Black Forest Cake

9.Cornes de Gazelle (Gazelle Horn)

For this famous dessert, which means “gazelle horn” in Morocco, the doughs are filled with crushed almonds flavored with orange blossom. Powdered sugar is sprinkled on the desserts after they are cooked.
Recipe: Cornes de Gazelle (Gazelle Horn)

10.Gulab Jamun (Sweet Dish)

The traditional dessert of India is these donuts called gulab jamun. However, gulab jamun is made with condensed milk, not dough, and fried in plain oil instead of oil. Cardamom and rose water are added to the syrup to give it aroma. Gulab also means rose water. Recipe: Gulab Jamun (Sweet Dish)


Those who go to Singapore will remember this very colorful dessert. A green jelly made of rice flour and a spoonful of sweetened beans are added to the iced coconut milk. Recipe: Cendol

12.Chocolate Chip Cookies

Invented by the American named Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938, it is desirable that these cookies are soft on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s also an interesting anecdote that the formula of the cookie is sold by Wakefield to a chocolate manufacturer for chocolate for life. Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies


A taste from Turkey and the Middle East region … Kadayif into walnut or pistachio filled. After it is cooked, it is dipped in syrup. Spectacular! Recipe: Burma

14.Chocolate Mousse

This dessert, also called foam chocolate, is one of the most popular in France. In the past, while making the dessert, they used to pour the chocolate a few meters above so that the consistency was foamy.

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

15.Coconut Cake

Made in the southern states of the USA, this cake is covered with a creamy coconut. Can you imagine the flavor it will leave on the palate? Recipe: Coconut Cake

16.Dan Tat (Egg Tarts)

For this famous dessert of Hong Kong, an egg custard is filled with layers of dough. Dan tat (Egg Tarts) is most enjoyable when eaten right out of the oven. Recipe: Dan Tat (Egg Tarts)

17.Eszterhazy Torta (Hazelnut & Chocolate Layer Cake)

For the traditional Hungarian cake, the almond-filled mereng layers are filled with chocolate cream and stacked on top of each other. Chocolate and vanilla cream is spread on the top.

Recipe: Eszterhazy Torta (Hazelnut & Chocolate Layer Cake)


It is possible to describe these desserts, which we encounter in many countries in the South American continent, as flour cookies filled with various ingredients such as caramel. Recipe: Alfajores


Another dessert that we come across in Latin American countries is flan. It would not be wrong to say that the flan, which is estimated to have traveled here from Spain, is cream caramel. Recipe: Flan

20.Gateau Fondant au Chocolat

So, as you can understand from the name of melted chocolate cake, it is a French flavor. Timing is critical in baking and serving this soufflé-like cake. If it is cooked too much, it loses its fluidity, if it is cooked less, the dough remains. Recipe: Gateau Fondant au Chocolat


An American dessert. Brownie, which has a history of over 100 years, is eaten with ice cream called sundae. Recipe: Brownie


Gelato, which we can describe as Italian ice cream, differs from creamy ice cream in other Western countries due to its lower calorie and colder nature. Recipe: Gelato


For kashata, which we encounter in East Africa, peanuts, coconut or both are mixed with caramelized sugar. It is then dried into a mold and shredded. We can call it the African cousin of the crook. Recipe: Kashata


Another traditional dessert from Hungary is kifla. It wouldn’t be wrong to compare these moon-shaped cookies filled with apricots, plums and Turkish Delight to croissants.

Recipe: Kifla

25.Japanese Cheesecake

This cheesecake, which is much more fluffy than the cheesecakes we know, resembles an ordinary cake, but its flavor is legendary. Recipe: Japanese Cheesecake


There is no need to explain much about the künefe that we encounter in many Eastern Mediterranean countries. Words are not enough to describe its taste anyway. Recipe: Kunefe

27.Kouign Amann

This extra caramel dumpling unique to Breton region of France was not well known outside that region. However, when the famous chef Dominique Ansel placed kouign amanns on the counter in his bakery in SoHo, it suddenly became one of the favorite flavors.

Recipe: Kouign Amann

28.Jian Dui (Sesame Balls)

These sesame balls, the famous dessert of China, are usually filled with sweet bean paste or a puree made from the seeds of lotus flowers. It is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Recipe: Juin Dui (Sesame Balls)

29.Lemon Tart

The main exciting feature of the lemon tart, another traditional dessert of France, is its crunchy base. Recipe: Lemon Tart


It can be encountered in many parts of the Middle East. Date, walnut and so on. being filled. Recipe: Maamoul

31.Linzer Torte

Another traditional dessert of Austria is linzer torte. The almond jam filling in linzer torte, a dessert between cake and tart, is a wonderful. Recipe: Linzer Torte

32.M’hancha (Snake Patty)

Another famous dessert from Morocco is m’hanncha. For this dessert, almonds flavored with orange flower water and mastic are wrapped in dough and placed in a spiral shape on the tray. It is also called “snake cake” because of its appearance.

Recipe: M’hancha (Snake Patty)


Another milk dessert from India … Fresh milk is mixed for hours over low heat and its sugar is revealed. Then the kulfi, frozen in molds, is eaten cold. Recipe:Kulfi


Made in many African countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania, the characteristic of this dumpling is the softness and flavor of coconut milk added to it. Sometimes a pinch of cardamom is added to it.


The specialty of this traditional Russian cake is the honey cream between layers of thin cakes. Let us remind you that the number of cakes of the cake can be up to 10. Recipe: Medovik

36.New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a dessert made in many parts of the world, but New York’s is one step ahead of the others. The flavor of New York cheesecake, which has a very thin base, is also very rich. Recipe: New York Cheesecake


The traditional dessert of the Netherlands is fried dough balls called oliebollen. Raisins or currants are added to the dough of these balls. It gets covered with powdered sugar after it is cooked. It is also a Dutch custom to eat oliebollen, which is generally consumed as a street flavor, on New Year’s Eve. Recipe: Oliebollen


These iced sugar cookies, which we encounter in the Philippines, Spain and Latin America, are crisp and delicate enough to disperse when you touch them. These cookies are also called Mexican wedding cookies. Recipe: Polvorones


Here is another dessert that we know its name and taste. The sweet tiramisu with coffee, which means “cheer me up, delight me” in Italian, is a favorite flavor all over the world today. Recipe: Tiramisu

40.Saffron Ice Cream

Saffron, which has a very important place in the cuisine of Iran, has been added to ice cream this time. Saffron ice cream, which also contains rose water and peanuts, is definitely on the table on special occasions. Recipe: Saffron Ice Cream


Again, a flavor that we encounter in the Middle East. This dessert, which we call flat kadayif or stone kadayif, is flavored with fresh cheese, dried fruit, peanuts, rose water or cinnamon cream in different regions. Recipe: Kadayif

42.Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubies)

Another dessert of Thailand is tub tim krob, whose name means “crispy rubies”. Water chestnuts are dipped in pomegranate syrup, dipped in tapioca flour and then boiled. The result is a crispy and soft dessert. Coconut milk also adds a mild salinity to the dessert.
Recipe: Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubies)


Pavlova, a subject of dispute from Australia and New Zealand, takes its name from Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Cream is filled in the middle of the sweet, crispy outside and soft inside, and sour fruits are placed on top. Recipe: Pavlova

44.Rigo jancsi

Another dessert from Hungary … Apricot jam and chocolate mousse cream are spread between the fluffy chocolate cake. Another feature of this cake is that it is made in the form of cubes. Recipe: Rigo Jancsi

45.Cherry Pie

Famous in the Midwest states of the USA, this dessert creates an exquisite balance when you put the sweet pulp and sour fruits in your mouth at the same time. Recipe: Cherry Pie

46.Mango Sticky Rice

Made with a special type of rice grown in East and Southeast Asian countries, this dessert is from Thai cuisine. Either sweet mango nam dok mai or sour mango aok rong is added to this rice, whose consistency is stickier than the rice we know.
Recipe: Mango Sticky Rice

47.Tarte tatin

Another famous dessert from France is tarte tatin. Apples, sugar and butter are placed in the pan. It is covered with dough. While the dough is baking, it seals the other ingredients. Sugar caramelizes, apples melt. Need more words? Recipe: Tarte Tatin


Another famous dessert of the British is trifle made with cake, cream and jam or fresh fruits. This dessert, which is very practical, can be a very correct recipe for evaluating inedible cakes. Recipe: Trifle

49.Tres leches (trile)

Tres leches cake, literally “three milks”, is made in Mexico and South America. The cake absorbs these three types of milk beautifully and becomes like a sponge. Recipe: Tres leches

50.Xue hua bing

This dessert of Taiwan is a kind of ice cream. The cream flavored with many different ingredients, from green tea to fruit puree, is first frozen thoroughly and then shaved and divided into bowls. Red bean paste, taro, grass jam, fresh fruits, thickened sweet milk and dumpling called mochi are added to it.


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