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20 Coolest Cake Recipes You Never Guessed You Can Make At Home

20 Coolest Cake Recipes You Never Guessed You Can Make At Home

20 Coolest Cake Recipes

We have always loved the cakes that bring people to the highest level of happiness with a slice, that best suits the tea, whether they are rich in chocolate or colored fruit. But always ready, from the pastry shop to where? In fact, you don’t need professional pastry makers and pastry shops to eat delicious cakes. If you want, you can prepare excellent cakes at home and make your loved ones and guests happy. In fact, there are cakes that those who eat will never believe that you are making at home and that you will think that you are buying from outside. They are not like the cakes you know before, they fascinate people with their taste / presentation. They are very cool. And it will come out of your hands. What could be nicer, cooler?

Honey with honey: Medovik cake

A wave of flavor is coming from Russia and Eastern Europe, not a cold wave. So it’s kind of Russian cake, Medovik. It is also called honey cake because of its honey paste. Regardless of the name, the result is clear: Layered taste and happiness. Eightfold flavor: Medovik Cake

Surprise them: Spinach pie

Think of a lush cake. It’s even a cake covered in the most beautiful green in the world. Include spinach, one of the most beautiful vegetables. We are very serious. It tastes so good that you’ll want to try it right away.

The time is now: Spinach Pie Recipe

As elegant as a ballerina: Pavlova

Pavlova from Austria is an elegant and light cake. Pavlova, which melts hearts with its appearance, makes stomachs happy with the taste of caramel and banana.

What beauty is this ?: Pavlova recipe

Everyone who sees it admires him: Biscuit-based semolina cake

We make cheesecake jealous by making the base from biscuits, and we prepare a legendary dessert with semolina taking the leading role. When we bring the two together, we create a legendary cake that will be eaten slice by slice.

Many will ask for the recipe: Biscuit-based semolina cake recipe

Summer fun: Watermelon cake

This recipe doesn’t have the usual cake bases, but watermelon. Yes, we are talking about juicy watermelon, our favorite fruit of summer. Are you ready to surprise everyone once you have shaped a whole watermelon and covered it with cream?

Very practical: Watermelon cake recipe

Easier than easy: Cat’s Tongue Cake

Cat's Tongue Cake

We prepare it easily with the support of the biscuits with catfish, combine it with fragrant strawberries and a delicious cream to fold its flavor. There is a beauty that you can come across and watch for minutes.

But it is not possible to stop without eating: Cat’s Tongue Cake recipe

This cake is not like you know it: Yogurt cake

Labnes-Free Cheesecake: Yogurt Cake Recipe
It looks like cheesecake because of its texture and flavor, but it appears at tea times as a much lighter flavor. If you haven’t met him yet …

You should try it right now: Yogurt cake recipe

There is no such softness: Banana cotton cake

We called it “cotton cake” because thanks to the softness of its cake, it leaves such a soft taste on the palate that it deserves this name to the fullest.

Those who tried it already gave us the right: Banana cotton cake recipe

The inside is on fire: Red velvet (velvet textured, red) cake

The trend of weddings abroad in recent years is this cake with velvet texture inside. It is a little inconvenient, but it will be worth all your effort when you cut this two-layer cake and taste that redness.

Fascinates with its color: Red velvet (velvet texture, red) cake recipe

For those who do not want to leave chocolate alone: ​​Orange chocolate cake

Don’t get me wrong, we love chocolate cakes very much, but as we said, we are trying to make a difference this time. So if we don’t leave chocolate alone, this time we bring it together with one of the names that best suits him, orange …

It would be great, wonderful: orange chocolate cake recipe

Ready in 15 minutes: Practical volcano cake

As you can imagine, it takes its name from this magnificent image, and even though it seems very difficult to make, it is actually a throne in the hearts with its being ready in a total of 15 minutes.

It is possible to prepare giant tastes in a short time: Practical volcano cake recipe

A pot, a pan is enough: Mole Cake in the pan

What if we told you that you can make a cake without an oven? Moreover, what if we told you that you can prepare one of our favorite cakes, the mole cake, in the pan very easily? Anything is possible if you want it!

It’s easy: Mole Cake recipe in the pan

Take out the jam jars: Jam cake

Jam is not only used for breakfast, it is not possible to prepare the cake with chocolate, cream and fresh fruits. One should make a difference, take out the jam jars and get to work.

Then roll up your sleeves, we’re going: Jam cake recipe

Cake is prepared in 10 minutes: Ice cream cake

When you want a cake but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, think about it. With the support we get from the ready-made rolls, it turns out a completely different cake in 10 minutes …

We are full of freshness: ice cream cake recipe

Addictive: Domed cake

It is a cake that will surprise everyone with its giant custard filling and will once again fall in love with the harmony of coconut and chocolate.

Let’s introduce, your new favorite: Domed cake recipe

Who upset him: Crying cake

Now multiply it by two as much as you love moist cake with cocoa. Because this is exactly what you will feel the moment you taste the crying cake.

Don’t cry, it’s not worth life: Crying cake recipe

Flavor combo: Pancake raspberry mosaic cake

Forget about the mosaic cakes you know. Imagine pancakes prepared with powdered pistachios, then coming together with raspberries and melted chocolate. Then to the right kitchen … :)

It’s good to be different: pancake raspberry mosaic cake recipe

With all the practicality of puff pastry: Cone cake

It will be the most different and the most delicious portion cakes, and will immediately take its place in your recipe notebooks with all the crispness and practicality of the puff pastry.

Diversify the decoration is in your hands: Cone cake recipe

Ideal for crowded guests: Sharlot cake

This is a handcrafted, eye-catching cake recipe that we prepare at home, from cake to pudding. Moreover, it is very practical. We see no reason not to try.

Its consistency is enough: Sharlot cake recipe

So cool: Fig cake

It is one of the coolest cakes you can make with its appearance, taste and presentation. It becomes a reason to look forward to the fig season.

No need to wait for the special day: Fig cake recipe


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