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Milk Cream Recipe

Milk Cream Recipe

From One Ingredient: Milk Cream Recipe

What do you do with the cream layer that forms on each time you boil the milk? If you are collecting it and throwing it away, stop! It is possible to get a soft and delicious cream from them. You can use your cream in many recipes from your soups to your desserts. It is also possible to make sour cream from milk cream.

It is a product obtained from a single ingredient, that is, cream of milk. Each time you boil milk, collect the cream in a bowl and freeze in the refrigerator. Defrost at room temperature and whisk lightly with a whisk. If you beat too much you will get butter, if you beat less you will get milk cream. We explained in detail how to make milk cream in our recipe. Come along.

Ingredients for Milk Cream Recipe

  • 400 grams of milk cream

The Tip of the Milk Cream Recipe

You will obtain milk cream every time you boil milk, as we described. Then collect these creams and keep them in the freezer to make milk cream. Try to consume the milk cream you get as fast as you can. It will last at least a few days even under appropriate conditions. For this reason, use it in your recipes quickly and freshly in its best form.

How to Make Milk Cream Recipe?

For the preparation of milk cream:

  1. Take your raw milk into a deep saucepan. Start boiling over medium heat.
  2. Let it boil and have a crust on it.
  3. When it boils well, remove it from the heat. Let it rest for a night, covered.
  4. The next day, take the cream accumulated on it. In this way, you will get milk cream every time you boil milk. You can collect these milk creams and store them in the freezer.

To prepare the milk cream:

  1. Put the cream you have collected in a bowl.
  2. Start whisking with your whisk at medium speed.
  3. As it is whisked, it will lose its creamy consistency and become hard. So stop whisking as soon as it gets a smooth, slightly fluid consistency.
  4. Put the milk cream you get into a bowl. Keep it tightly closed and consume fresh.

Milk Cream Recipe

Servings1 Small Jar
Preparation Time10 Minutes
Cook Time20 Minutes
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