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Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte, the cake that will make you immerse yourself in chocolate!

Sacher Torte Recipe:

Ingredients for Sacher Torte Recipe

-130 g butter (softened at room temperature)
-110 g icing sugar
-½ vanilla extract
-6 egg yolks
-130 g of culinary chocolate
-6 egg whites
-110 g granulated sugar
-130 g flour

For the inside:

-1 jar of apricot jam

To cover:

-200 g sugar
-1/8 l water
-150 g chocolate
-Set the oven to 170 ° C.

How to Make Sacher Torte?

Whisk the butter, powdered sugar and the vanilla inside that you peeled from the vanilla stick with the mixer until it becomes creamy.
Continue whisking while adding the egg yolks one by one.
Whisk until foamy and thick consistency.
While doing these, divide the chocolates into small pieces and melt them in a bain marie.
Add the melted chocolate to the mixture you whisk.
Turn the egg whites into snow by slowly adding the powdered sugar.
Continue whisking until it has a solid and shiny consistency.
Then add these whites into the egg chocolate mixture that you have just prepared.
Sift the flour on top. Mix it all carefully, using a spoon.
Cover the bottom of a 22 or 24 cm springform cake form with wax paper and tap the mixture into it.
Smooth the upper part with a knife.
Bake in the middle of the oven for about an hour.
Leave the oven door open with a finger for the first 12-15 minutes.
Turn your baked cake over on the kitchen grill without removing it from the form.
After it cools down for 20 minutes, turn it over again and wait for it to cool completely.
Only after it has cooled completely remove it from the form and cut it in half sideways with a sharp, large knife.
Cover the top of the two pies with slightly warmed and whipped apricot marmalade and put them on top of each other again.
Then cover the pie with the remaining marmalade on all sides and let it dry.

To cover the top;

Boil sugar and water for 5-6 minutes, then set aside for a little warm.
Melt the chocolate in a bain marie, pour the sugar water slowly and add it to the chocolate, mix.
It will be a thick glaze.
In order to see if the consistency is stable, when you pour it from the spoon, there should be a layer of approximately 4 mm thick on the spoon, if there is more, then it is very dense, in this case, add a little water to the pan where you melt the sugar, a few drops of that water to keep the consistency.
When the glaze is ready, tap the pie in one go and quickly cover it with a spatula flat.
Put in a pie plate, leave to freeze for a few hours.
When its glaze is frozen, it should be smooth and shiny.

Enjoy Your Meal.

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