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Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

The mousse (mousse) recipe, prepared with dark chocolate, which leaves a lasting taste on the palate with 70 percent cocoa content, is a dessert that you can prepare practically. Chocolate mousse, which has a foamy consistency and is prepared in a short time, seems to end the sweet cravings.


-150 grams of dark chocolate
-200 ml. cream
-3 egg whites
-1/4 teaspoon of salt
-2 tablespoons brown sugar

The Tip of the Chocolate Mousse Recipe

To ensure the foamy consistency of your chocolate mousse, whisk the egg whites with a mixer at high speed until they get a solid consistency.

Cooking Suggestion of Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Optionally, you can prepare mousse (mousse) by adding egg yolks little by little to the cream you boiled over low heat, blending it with melted chocolate and whipped cream in a double boiler.

How to Make Chocolate Mousse Recipe?

Put the egg whites in the mixing bowl. Whisk the egg whites to which you add salt, with a mixer at high speed for 8-10 minutes.
Melt the dark chocolate that you cut into small pieces in a steel bowl that you take over the boiling water vapor.
Add brown sugar to melted dark chocolate and let it melt with its heat.
Quickly whisk the milk cream you take in a separate bowl and concentrate. Add the dark chocolate that you melted in a double boiler into the whipped cream and mix it gently with a silicone spatula.
Carefully add the egg whites, which turn into a huge and solid foam, into the dessert mixture.
Mix gently from bottom to top with the help of a spatula, and feed the egg whites into the chocolate mixture without extinguishing.
Share the ready dessert in the serving bowls. After keeping it in the refrigerator for at least an hour, decorate it as you wish and serve it cold. Share with your loved ones.
Chocolate Mousse Recipe Service Suggestion
You can serve the desserts after sifting them with cocoa and decorating them with wafers or grated chocolate chips.

Enjoy your meal.

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