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13 Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Easily With A Jar

13 Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Easily With A Jar

The last exit before Valentine’s Day, the last weekend …

If you still haven’t bought a gift for your lover or your spouse, but think that you will be expecting a small gift that day, approach it.

It is up to you to prepare very stylish, very cute or very delicious gifts for him with jars, yes, and everywhere you know.

Moreover, since you will make these gifts with your hands, it will be much more meaningful and special for him, and it will not tire your budget. “I’m not skilled enough to do something with my hands.” If you are worried, we would like to say that these works you will do with the jar can be carried out without such great skills.

Come on then we already say happy Valentine’s Day and we list our cute gift suggestions one by one.

Of course, the first gift we will suggest is to prepare jars full of her favorite cookies for her/him

If you want to prepare different cookies, we can get you right to our cookie recipes where you can find different recipes.

If she/he likes to cook as much as food, you can also prepare jars filled with the necessary ingredients to make cookies.

Likewise, you can take tiny jars and make them from your favorite pudding and add the flavor of your day

You can also take a look at these different pudding recipes to find the best pudding for your taste.

You can write beautiful notes on tiny papers and roll them, tie them with a small rope and fill them into the jar.

Decorate the jar however you like and put some notes in it. If you wish, you can give a gift for each day by putting 365 pieces, or you can create weekly happiness by preparing 52 pieces.

Is it possible that he doesn’t like the little notes you tell him about your heart?

By sticking tiny trinkets on the jar lids, you can create stylish and cute works like this.

It may seem difficult, but believe me, this is a very easy gift proposition to do. You take a jar, buy a little trinket or figure that you think your lover will love, and go to work. You place the trinket you bought on the jar lid with a strong glue, then fill the jar with water and glitter if you want, or powder or small pieces of paper that will give a snow air.

When you put the jar lid on the jar and turn it upside down, exactly such wonderful and special works come out.

If you wish, you can prepare a similar work using the photographs you took together.

You can paint the jars color by color and put colorful flowers into them as gifts, revealing your difference.

You can also make delicious terrariums inside jars

You can make a delicious surprise to your lover by preparing terrariums, which have become very fashionable in recent years, into jars. You can easily find all the materials you need to make a terrarium at florists and in the plant departments of DIY stores.

Or you can fill the jars with soil to the brim and equip them with delicious herbs that can grow in the kitchen.

You can easily create a romantic atmosphere by buying stylish jars and placing candles inside.

“I am really incapable of making handmade things.” This application, which even those who say it, can easily do, consists of placing candles in jars. Of course, if you prepare a delicious dinner, it will be a much more wonderful atmosphere, but if you do not do it, you can take it ready and you can have a romantic dinner with your lover illuminated with these stylish jar candle holders.

If you wish, you can create a stylish and romantic atmosphere by attaching them to hangers with chains.

If you decide to do such a work, do not forget to leave the jar lids open so that the candles are not extinguished in the jars and of course never leave your attention because of the fire, let’s say.

You can create a wonderful ambiance by filling the jars that you color and open heart-shaped cavities with LED lights.

Prepare your jars, buy paints suitable for glass surfaces and cut a piece of paper neatly into a heart shape and temporarily stick it on the jars. Then paint the entire jar with the paints you bought and remove the heart-shaped paper to create heart-shaped cavities on the jars.

Then place the led lights inside the jars that you can easily find in DIY stores and create a wonderful atmosphere. If you wish, you can also create different shapes of spaces on the jars, not hearts.

Or you can prepare cute jars filled to the brim with chocolate that you paint and decorate with your own hands.

Take enough to fill a jar of your lover’s and your spouse’s favorite chocolates and paint the jar in any color you want with a paint suitable for glass surfaces, and make cute faces with thick paper, colored cardboard or felt. Then fill it well with chocolate. Your happy gift is already ready.

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