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Three Color Sweet



-1 liter milk
-3 tablespoons flour
-3 tablespoons starch
-Half a glass of sugar
-1 packet of vanilla
-1 pack of bitter chocolate
-1.5 tablespoons blue poppy
-Tangerine and orange juice
-300 ml 2 tablespoons of starch


-Milk, flour, starch and sugar put in a pot for cream Stir until thick.
-Put half your custard in another pot.
-Stir in hot pudding bitter chocolate and add blue poppies to the other half.
-First, put the chocolate custard in the glasses.
-When the chocolate custard cools, Add the poppy seed custard.
-Squeeze the juice of the orange and tangerine When 300 ml of juice from the strainer is obtained, put in a saucepan and add starch and sugar.
-Pour over the cooled pudding when it boils.
-Store in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

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