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Oat Flour Fit Balls


We are with you with only 3 ingredients, uncooked, healthy snacks. Although I do not like oats, I can say that I love this recipe. You can also color your snack in a simple way.

Ingredients for Oat Flour Fit Balls Recipe

  • 3 tbsp. oat
  • 1 cup of raw peanuts
  • 1 tbsp. molasses (also honey)

How to Make Oat Flour Fit Balls?

After roasting the peanuts in a pan, make the peanut butter ready by pulling it on the rondo for 3-4 minutes.
You can understand that the oil has reached the desired consistency when it starts to come out. You also pass the oats through the rondo, and you can use the oat flour directly.
Combine all ingredients and mix until homogeneously distributed.
Shape a ball in your hand, and your snack is ready!

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