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Magnolia Sweet With Caramel



-1 liter milk
-8-9 tablespoons sugar
-6 spoons of flour
-Half cans of liquid cream (100 ml)
-200 g labne
-2 egg yolks
-1 packet of vanilla
-1 box of dr oetker vanilla pasta cream (1 and a half cup of cold milk to be whipped)

-3 bananas (sliced)
-1 pack of baby biscuits
-Caramel sauce (I used it ready)


-First of all, we decorate the jars. I tied a wooden spoon with jute rope to the mouth of my mother’s winter sauce jars.
-1 liter of milk, sugar, flour, egg yolks are taken into the pot and cooked by stirring. Boil the bottom is closed.
-Vanilla is added. When warmed, labne, raw cream, (whipped with milk) are added to half of the pastry cream. Whisk with mixer.
-The baby biscuit is pulled in the rondo. Sliced ​​banana.
-Put some custard, biscuit, banana, caramel and custard in layers.
-Squeeze the remaining cake cream. I put it in jars.
-The jar takes a little more. 10-12 cups from this recipe

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