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Light Desserts: Easy and Different 22 Light Desserts Recipes


What are light desserts? We have compiled the light desserts that will make your stomach feast with their low calories and taste. Here are 22 delicious, practical and delicious light dessert recipes:

We all love to have desserts to accompany tea after meals. However, we are looking for recipes that will relax our stomachs after heavy meals and end the sweet cravings with their lightness. Here, we have compiled delicious and practical light desserts for those times in our article. Do not forget to add light desserts to your notebook, which you can enjoy with less ingredients and low calories without regret. Here are 22 different and delicious light dessert recipes:

1.Creamless Magnolia

Magnolia, prepared in an average of 20-25 minutes, is one of the lightest desserts. You can present this dessert with milk and biscuits as its main ingredient, accompanied by tea, and decorate with seasonal fruits.

2.Semolina Dessert with Orange

How about flavoring the semolina dessert with orange flavor? Prepared in an average of 25 minutes, this dessert is prepared with milk, semolina and orange juice. The prepared mixture can be poured into a mold and presented in style.

3.Figs Sleep

Prepared with only 5 ingredients, fig sleep is prepared by dipping figs in milk and waiting. Optionally, it is enriched with pistachios and walnuts. The diet lists include the sugar-free version.

4.Avocado and Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are a food that is frequently featured in diet lists. Prepared with avocado, matcha and honey, this pudding has an average of 70 calories. Sugar is not used in its production.

5.Poached Apple with Walnut Cream

It is prepared by sweetening the apple bag dessert from our reader with the apple clove, cinnamon and cherry juice. It is served with a slightly sweet pouch apple, walnut and cream.

6.Caramel Cups

Prepared with cocoa cake and cream, caramel cups are decorated with fresh fruits. This dessert, served in a glass, is a favorite at tea times with its mild flavor.

7.Banana and Gum Water Pudding

Water pudding prepared with milk, water, mastic and banana is an indispensable part of the Ramadan months. This dessert, which is consumed to soothe the stomach after heavy meals, is easily prepared with 6 ingredients.

8.Unsweetened Banana Pancake

Pancake is the most delicious accompaniment to breakfast, tea times and daytime conversations. However, this time we do not use sugar in making pancakes and add honey with banana to sweeten them.

9.Vogue Dessert

The vogue dessert, spread from the French cuisine to the world, is prepared with milk, whipped cream and baby biscuits. Optionally, aroma can be added with granulated coffee. Vogue dessert takes its place on the table in just 20 minutes.

10.Fake Chicken Breast

One of the lightest flavors of Turkish cuisine, chicken breast is prepared with flour, milk and sugar. While chicken meat is used in real chicken breast, fake chicken breast is prepared with only 6 ingredients.

11.Sugar Free Cocostar

This time, we make cocostar, which is sold ready-to-use in the markets, with our own hands and we do not put sugar in it. You can enjoy these snacks prepared with coconut and honey for snacks.

12.Milk Cup Dessert

The milk cup dessert, prepared in 30 minutes, got its name from the cooking method. Since it is a light dessert, it is generally preferred after meals.

13.Lean Flour Free Refined Sugar Free Cake

We have a delicious recipe for those who wonder whether to prepare a cake without using oil, sugar and flour. Prepared with cocoa, eggs, honey and banana, this cake is also suitable for diet lists.

14.Yogurt Cake

For those who say that I cannot prepare the cake without flour and sugar, our recommendation is the yoghurt cake. This cake is one of the first recipes new to the kitchen should try.


Zerde, also known as “lined rice pudding”, is a dessert prepared with milk, rice and haspir. Optionally, turmeric or saffron can be used instead of haspir.


Zabaglione is an Italian dessert with a large amount of eggs. Only 6 ingredients are used in the preparation of this dessert, which is prepared in 25 minutes.

17.Lime Lemon Dessert

Prepared with grated lemon peel, milk and starch, this dessert is very light and practical. After the prepared lemon pudding is filled into the cups, mereng is added on it.

18.Chocolate Rice Pudding

For those who are bored with the classic rice pudding recipe, we have a delicious dessert recipe flavored with chocolate. Don’t forget to decorate the chocolate rice pudding with grated white chocolate.

19.Bridal Cake

The bridal cake, which will be the favorite of special days with its stylish presentation and taste, is prepared in an average of 35-40 minutes. Its base is prepared as a cake and custard is added on it.

20.Coffee Panna Cotta

We combined panna cotta, an easy dessert unique to Italian cuisine, with granulated coffee, and it turned out to be a delicious result. Check out our panna cotta recipes page for different varieties.

21.Fake Cream Caramel

This dessert, prepared with only 6 ingredients, is unique to French cuisine. With its lightness and taste, it removes sweet cravings in a short time.

22.Emerald Dessert

For those who do not want to consume kiwi plain, we recommend the emerald dessert recipe. You can serve this dessert prepared with kiwi jelly, milk and flour in round molds.

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