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Chocolate Coated Coconut



-1 bag of whipped cream
-1 cup of cold milk
-As much coconut as possible (200 g)

For the inside (as you wish);
-Some nuts, almonds or pine nuts on request

For the above;
-250 g milk plain chocolate
-3 teaspoons of oil

First, beat the milk and whipped cream until it solidifies.
Gradually add the coconut on the solidified whipped cream.
When it comes to a soft consistency that does not stick to the hand, put it in the refrigerator and let it rest for half an hour (the rest of the mortar should be a little harder)
Take walnut-sized pieces from the rest of the coconut mortar, put nuts or peanuts on demand, roll them into your hands. Rest a little in the fridge again.
Melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler.
Mix the oil well with the chocolate.
Dip the coconut balls into it and pour it into the chocolate and remove it with a fork (I put it on the iron wire, but when it freezes, the bottom is stuck on the iron, my advice is to put it on the aluminum foil) and you can rest and serve until the chocolate freezes in the refrigerator.

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