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13 Homemade Cupcake Recipes


How to make a cupcake? We have compiled easy and delicious cupcake recipes to accompany your tea conversations. Here are 13 yummy cupcake recipes:

Cupcake, which was first prepared in America in the 19th century, could only gain its current reputation in the 20th century. Cupcakes that appeal to both the eyes and the palate are served in small portions. Cake dough is used at the base, whipped cream, cream and different flavors are used on it. Both sweet and salty cupcakes can be made upon request. It is served as a snack, especially at crowded tables such as invitations, special days and tea chats. So, how to make a cupcake, what are the types of cupcakes? Here are 13 cupcake recipes you can easily make at home:

1.Chocolate Cupcake

The most consumed and favorite type of cupcake is the chocolate cupcake. Drop chocolate is used in cupcake dough, cream cheese and cocoa are used in cream.

2.Cherry Chocolate Cupcake

Prepared with cherry and cocoa, these cupcakes are served in single portions. Frosting is used on the top of the cake. You can use cherry grains for decoration.

3.Frozen Yogurt Cupcake

For those who are bored with classic recipes, we recommend the frozen yogurt cupcake recipe prepared with only 4 ingredients. You can serve these cups, which are prepared in an average of 15 minutes, after resting in the refrigerator.

4.Snowman Cupcake

The snowman cupcake, which will conquer your heart with its stylish presentation, is the favorite of those who want to reflect the winter theme on their tables. Particularly loved by children, the snowman cupcake is prepared with marsmallow candies.

5.Creamy and Cocoa Muffin

Muffins with a base made of cocoa mortar are decorated with homemade cream. Colorful candies are used on the upper part. Cocoa muffins served at tea times become more delicious when they are rested for 1 night.

6.Coconut Muffin

We also have a suggestion for those who favor simplicity. Coconut muffin prepared in an average of 35-40 minutes can be enriched with sauces, if desired.

7.Pumpkin Muffins

Very popular with our readers, pumpkin muffin is enriched with pumpkin puree. It definitely finds a place in Halloween and New Year’s tables.

8.Red Velvet Cupcake

Red velvet cupcake, one of the most popular treats of special days, is colored with food coloring. Whipped cream and cream is used on the upper part. You can decorate your cupcakes with the initials of your own name.

9.Lemon Lavender Cupcake

These cupcakes, whose cake is flavored with lemon juice and its cream with lavender, are the favorite of those who want to try different flavors. Lemon and lavender cupcake, which you can prepare on special occasions, is served in single portions.

10.Banana Sugar Free Muffin

The sugar-free muffin flavored with banana, molasses and chocolate drops is prepared in an average of 30-35 minutes. Since whole wheat flour is used in its production, it can also be added to diet lists in moderation.

11.Cookie Monster Cupcake

It is prepared with cookie monster, marshmallow sugar, cake, food coloring and cream, which children love. You can also present cookie monster cups in different colors, which you can offer especially at birthday events.

12.Carrot Cupcake with Cheese Cream

Prepared with Labneh cheese, carrots and walnuts, the cupcake is served after resting in the refrigerator. Optionally, you can use cream instead of cheese.

13.Vanilla Cupcake

Fascinating everyone with their stylish appearance, these cups are prepared with cake and vanilla frosting. Food coloring is used to color the cream. You can decorate with the help of colored candies if desired.

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