Chocolate Dragee Cupcake


Chocolate Dragee Cupcake Recipe


For the cupcake mix:

-2 eggs
-5 tablespoons of granulated sugar
-1/2 cup milk
-1/2 tea glass of sunflower oil
-1 medium grated orange peel
-1 medium grated lemon peel
-1.5 cups flour
-1 packet of baking powder

For the cream:

-200 ml of raw sugar free cream
-1 packet of powdered whipped cream
-50 grams of milk chocolate
-50 grams of white chocolate
-4 tablespoons of powdered sugar

For service:

-100 grams of bonibon (colored dragee)

Key Point of Chocolate Dragee Cupcake Recipe

To prepare fluffy cupcakes; Take care to whisk the egg and powdered sugar at high speed, and add the flour and baking powder after sieving.

How to Make Chocolate Dragee Cupcake Recipe?

Before you start making cupcakes, you should prepare the cream.
Bring the cream you take in a small saucepan to boil over low heat and remove from the stove.
Dice the milk and white chocolate and throw it into the raw cream that reaches the boiling point.
Melt the added chocolate at its own temperature by mixing.
Leave it at room temperature for it to thicken and cool.
To the chocolate mixture waiting at room temperature; Add powdered whipped cream and powdered sugar.
With the help of a mixer, cool the cream mixture you whisk at fast speed in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

To prepare the cupcake dough;

Put the eggs and granulated sugar into the mixing bowl.
At high speed, mix until the sugar grains melt completely and become creamy.
Add milk, sunflower oil, grated orange and lemon peel at room temperature and continue mixing.
Continue to mix the sifted flour and baking powder added with a wooden spoon.
Place portioned cake sheets in heat resistant muffin tins.
Fill up four tablespoons each of the cupcake mix you have prepared and leave a small swelling margin.
Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 20 minutes.
Let the cupcakes taken from the oven stand for 10 minutes at room temperature on a wire shelf, if possible.
Wait in the refrigerator and fill the thickening cream mixture into the squeezing bag.
Add the shaped sense you want to the tip and cover the resting cupcakes with cream.
Keep the cupcakes that you decorate with bonibones and add color to them in the fridge and share them with your loved ones.

Service Suggestion of the Chocolate Dragee Cupcake Recipe

After moistening the muffins, which rest at room temperature, lightly with coffee or fruit juice,
you can cover them with cream and serve them to your loved ones.

Enjoy Your Meal.

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