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Strawberry Easy Cheesecake

Strawberry Easy Cheesecake

Strawberry Easy Cheesecake Recipe

You can feed this healthy and practical recipe to your children with peace of mind. You will never have material problems with alternative material options. You won’t be able to break your cheesecake, which is incredibly delicious, ice cream-like cheesecake that doesn’t make you regret after eating it.


For the base:

-1 tablespoon of grated coconut
-60 grams of walnut kernels (finely ground)
-4 large dates


-130 grams of labneh
-1 tablespoon of grated coconut
-1 tablespoon of honey
-2 tablespoons of cream

For the Top Floor:

-130 grams of labneh
-120 grams of strawberries
-1 tablespoon of honey
-1 tablespoon of cream

The Trick of Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

Whenever you want, you can take it out of the freezer and wait at room temperature for 10 minutes and serve. Instead of strawberries, you can prepare it with fruits such as raspberries, blueberries and mulberries. Instead of walnuts, you can use hazelnuts, cashews. You can use yogurt instead of cream.

How to Make Strawberry Easy Cheesecake Recipe?

Soak the dates in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.
Then mash it with the help of a fork. Add walnuts and coconut and mix them and transfer them to 4 muffins to form a base.
For the intermediate layer, blend the labneh, cream, honey and coconut grated with a blender and divide into molds. Put it in the freezer for half an hour.
While the cups in the freezer are frozen, prepare the strawberry top layer.
Blend the strawberries, honey and cream with the blender. Divide it into the cups you take out of the freezer.
Put it back in the freezer. Ready in 2 hours.

Enjoy your meal.

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