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Enormous recipes tried and loved by everyone in January

Enormous recipes tried and loved by everyone in January

2021 is about to come, when we are coming, we have already left a whole month behind us. The most delicious part of this month for us was the time we spent with you in the kitchen and the delicious, practical and different recipes we produced. Among those recipes, the ones you liked the most were the following!

We have gathered together the recipes that we shared throughout January, those who saw them want to try immediately, and more importantly, that got full points from everyone who tried. If you have overlooked them or if you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, you can save this list right now and try it one by one whenever you get the chance.

We are sure that you will love the results you get and that you will want to try the recipe you tried once.

Liquid Souffle recipe

There are a few important tricks and a correct recipe that you need to know in order to prepare the soufflé in the right consistency, one of the delicious desserts that we can’t get enough of hot scoops, which are just right for cold weather. All this is waiting for you right here: Liquid Souffle recipe

Bosnian cookie recipe

It is easily prepared with the ingredients found in almost every home, there is no need to use fat in it. Leave aside all the cookie recipes you know.

Now it’s time to try it: Bosnian cookie recipe

Soda pastry recipe

With its delicious taste, it is not like the delicious pies, it is easier than you think to prepare it. Let it come out of the oven accompanied by fragrance …

Let your tea reach you: Soda tray pastry recipe

Starch-free rice pudding recipe

Even those who say “I always use starch when making rice pudding, it will not keep the consistency if I do not” will not need to use starch thanks to this recipe.

The way to achieve its consistency goes through this recipe: Starch-free rice pudding recipe


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