Flavors of Countries

Great flavors from different countries. You can easily make our recipes, all of which have been tried at home, in your kitchens. You can share your local flavors with us.

7 Mar, 2021 192

Sacher Torte

27 Feb, 2021 170

Italian Bread: Focaccia Recipe

A Delicious and Practical Italian Bread: Focaccia Recipe

23 Feb, 2021 155

Eclair Recipe

Hello everyone 馃槏 I want to start by saying these additions are a legend. Make...

11 Feb, 2021 161

Sour Cream Recipe

Favorite of Recipes: Sour Cream Recipe It is neither as thick as a strained yogurt,...

11 Feb, 2021 128

Sour Cream Cake

Even Forks Are Happy: Sour Cream Cake Recipe We have no words to say the...

7 Feb, 2021 117

Belle Helene Recipe

Belle Helene is one of the classic desserts of French cuisine. It was first built...

22 Jan, 2021 169


The zabaglione recipe, a flavor unique to Italian cuisine, is with you. The most important...

17 Jan, 2021 222

Rig贸 Jancsi

Rig贸 Jancsi Recipe This classic Hungarian dessert consists of two layers of chocolate sponge cake...

17 Jan, 2021 229

Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubies)

Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubies) Recipe Another dessert of Thailand is tub tim krob, whose...

17 Jan, 2021 185

Stone Kadayif

Actually Squishy: Stone Kadayif Recipe People are divided into three; Lovers of sherbet sweets, milk...

17 Jan, 2021 200

Saffron Honey Ice Cream

Saffron and Honey Ice Cream Recipe Saffron, which has a very important place in Iran’s...

17 Jan, 2021 229

Polvorone (Mexican Cookie)

Polvorone (Mexican Cookie) Recipe Among the various cookie recipes, how to make a mexican cookie,...

17 Jan, 2021 230


Oliebollen (Deep fried doughnut balls) Recipe Oliebollen is a dessert that is sold on the...

17 Jan, 2021 198

New York Cheesecake

This Taste Is At Home: New York Style Cheesecake Recipe Cheesecakes, which are created with...

17 Jan, 2021 154


Mandazi – How To Make African “Donuts” Mandazi is one of the popular African dishes...

17 Jan, 2021 181


Kulfi Dessert Recipe How to make Kulfi dessert, an Indian dessert? Ingredients and preparation and...

17 Jan, 2021 209

M’hancha (Snake Patty)

Moroccan Almond Snake Patty Recipe – M’hancha This sweet Moroccan pastry takes its name from...

17 Jan, 2021 200

Linzer Torte

Also Known As Linzer Torte: Cherry Pie Recipe Those who love the sour taste of...

17 Jan, 2021 240


Maamoul Recipe with Date Date, which is good for cardiovascular diseases, is a delicious food...