Different from other desserts with its lightness, you can easily prepare, step-by-step illustrated cooking steps, practical and easy milk dessert recipes.


11 Mar, 2021 131

Fruit Pops

23 Feb, 2021 155

Eclair Recipe

Hello everyone 😍 I want to start by saying these additions are a legend. Make...

9 Feb, 2021 149

Chocolate German Cake

As the name suggests, this dessert, which was first made in Germany, spread to Central...

9 Feb, 2021 133

Bridal Cake

The bridal cake, which has a soft and exquisite flavor, is preferred by dessert lovers...

9 Feb, 2021 161

Easy, Different and Breathing 18 Birthday Cake Recipes

How to make a birthday cake at home? What are birthday cake recipes? Here are...

9 Feb, 2021 127

Red Velvet Truf

If you want to have a sweet surprise while Valentine’s Day is coming, this recipe...

8 Feb, 2021 134

Poppy Revani

Ingredients for Poppy Revani Recipe For the cake: 4 eggs 1 glass of sugar ¹...

7 Feb, 2021 138

Delicious recipes for Valentine’s Day at home

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your beloved on Valentine’s Day...

7 Feb, 2021 117

Belle Helene Recipe

Belle Helene is one of the classic desserts of French cuisine. It was first built...

7 Feb, 2021 113

Practical Coffee Dessert

We came with a dessert to be prepared and served immediately with its practicality and...

7 Feb, 2021 135

Alaskan Dessert

One of the most famous desserts of recent times, alaska dessert is prepared with only...

6 Feb, 2021 130

Granola Chocolate

A very practical and delicious recipe with only two ingredients! Ingredients for Granola Chocolate Recipe...

5 Feb, 2021 142

Orange Truff

If you like to drink coffee, try this recipe and taste its great harmony with...

1 Feb, 2021 157

Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin

Special muffin recipe for diabetic patients. Ingredients for Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin Recipe 1.5 cups of...

1 Feb, 2021 153

Chocolate Fondue

31 Jan, 2021 158

Easy Rainbow Crepe Roll

Ingredients Crepe Batter: 50g cake flour 20g granulated sugar 1 egg 125ml milk Rainbow Fillings:...

30 Jan, 2021 153

Mother’s Style: Non-Starch Rice Pudding Recipe

If we were to define a bowl of happiness, it would undoubtedly be mother rice...