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05/29/2021 278

Kugel Cake

03/14/2021 421


03/14/2021 338

Cherry Brownie

03/11/2021 463

Tsunami Cake

03/07/2021 356

Sacher Torte

02/11/2021 272

Sour Cream Cake

Even Forks Are Happy: Sour Cream Cake Recipe We have no words to say the…

02/09/2021 286

Cake with 4 ingredients

We are here with a delicious cake recipe that you can make with only 4…

02/09/2021 274

Puff Pastry Heart Cake

A crunchy flavor. A recipe that will be loved by those who don't want to…

02/09/2021 328

Coffee Cake

A dessert reminiscent of tiramisu recipe with its appearance .. I have a delicious cake…

02/09/2021 321

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate known to reduce the risk of vascular occlusion; It is frequently used in both…

02/09/2021 289

Chocolate German Cake

As the name suggests, this dessert, which was first made in Germany, spread to Central…

02/09/2021 273

Chocolate Roll Cake

Chocolate, whose homeland is Central and South America, was used as a beverage in the…

02/09/2021 266

Fruit Cold Cake

We are here with a recipe that you can eat with pleasure without saying summer…

02/09/2021 264

Groom Cake

We are here with a delicious recipe that will be the favorite of tea time.…

02/09/2021 279

Russian Cake

Russian cake, prepared with sponge cake, cream and fruit, is among the most delicious recipes…

02/09/2021 288

Sandy Cake

One of the most talked about desserts of recent days, sandy cake is the favorite…

02/09/2021 309

Strawberry Cake

The homeland of the strawberry, which is from the rose family, is America. It strengthens…

02/09/2021 297

Cream and Chocolate Cake

Prepared in the form of honey cake in the 13th century, the cake has survived…