We know how special the bread made at home is, how the smell of bread in the house evokes peace when you wake up in the morning, right?


27 Feb, 2021 238

Italian Bread: Focaccia Recipe

A Delicious and Practical Italian Bread: Focaccia Recipe

7 Feb, 2021 151

Is yeast vegan? Do fermented foods spoil a vegan diet?

Yeast is the most essential ingredient of many pastries, especially bread. Yeast is a living...

30 Dec, 2020 173

Egg Bread

Egg Bread Recipe Although egg bread is practical and economical, it is a recipe that...

27 Dec, 2020 141

Banana Bread

Banana Bread Recipe Materials -2 cups flour -1 teaspoon of baking powder -1 teaspoon of...

27 Dec, 2020 164

Pita Bread

Pita Bread Recipe Materials -4 glasses of flour -1/2 package fresh yeast -2 tablespoons of...

22 Dec, 2020 168

Cocoa and Orange Bread

Cocoa and Orange Bread Recipe Materials: -5 glasses of flour -2 tablespoons of cocoa -1...

19 Dec, 2020 159

Dry Yeast Bread

Dry Yeast Bread Recipe Ingredients: -Half pack flour -2 glasses of water -2 teaspoons of...

17 Dec, 2020 183

Brioche Bread

We know how special the bread made at home is, how the smell of bread...

17 Dec, 2020 183

Sourdough Bread

Flour, water, salt and sourdough. These 4 ingredients consist of eating well, living healthy and...

17 Dec, 2020 225

Loaf of bread and toast bread (easy)

The total preparation time of loaf bread is 3 hours, baking time is 18-22 minutes;...