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Volcano Cake

Volcano Cake

In Just 15 Minutes: Practical Volcano Cake Recipe

Calmly leave aside the recipes where you struggle for hours, whisk eggs for minutes to swell more, and destroyed to cook the cream in consistency. Head towards the stove and immediately brew a tea. Here comes a perfect cake that you can prepare until your tea is brewed and will please even the most demanding with its appearance. Introducing: Volcano cake.

You will be surprised that you can create such a masterpiece in just 15 minutes. Slice by slice, you’ll eat as you eat. You will share the coolest cake photo on Instagram and you will be eating your delicious volcano cake while enjoying the likes. Our promises are big, but they’re all true. Come on, bon appetit.

Ingredients for Practical Volcano Cake Recipe

  • 1 instant sponge cake with cocoa

For the internal cream:

  • 1 glass of cold milk
  • ¹pack of whipped cream
  • ¹ tea glass of chocolate chips
  • One medium banana
  • 1 packet of petibör biscuits with cocoa

To soak the cake:

  • 1/2 glass of milk

For the above:

  • 1 pack of forest fruit sauce

How to Make Practical Volcano Cake Recipe?

First of all, prepare and cook the fruit sauce as it is written on the package. Leave it aside to cool.

In a deep bowl, whisk 1 pack of powdered whipped cream and 1 glass of cold milk with the help of a hand mixer until it reaches the consistency.

Crush the Petibör biscuits by hand and mix them into the whipped cream. Chop the banana into rings and add it into it.

Then add the chocolate chips and mix well.

Take one of the ready-made sponge cake and place it on a serving plate. Wet it all over with milk.

Spread the inner cream with whipped cream you have prepared on the base of the cake, leaving a space on the edges to form a hill.

Divide the other sponge cake base into 8 equal parts. But we will use 7 parts.

Place each triangular slice you cut out of the sponge cake around the cream mixture you pile in the middle of the other sponge cake.

Slowly pour the forest fruit sauce you prepared into the space in the middle. The sauce will flow through the spaces between the slices.

If you want, serve it immediately after keeping it in the fridge for a few hours.

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