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Pine Tree Cake



-3 eggs
-1 glass of water Milk
-1 water glass measure of oil
-1 glass of sugar
-1 packet of vanilla sugar
-1 packet of baking powder
-1 pack of cocoa
-All you can get flour


Of course, the cocoa cake on our list of Christmas desserts must have a very important difference from the ordinary cocoa cakes, right? Of course there is.
In order to make this cake, you will need a pine tree shaped cake mold along with the standard cake ingredients.
After your cake is baked, your cake, which you will decorate with red and green food coloring and white glaze, will compete with the beauty of the pine tree in your living room.

Cooking is a piece of cake: We whisk the eggs and sugar, add the baking powder, vanillin, oil,
cocoa and milk, then whisk them with flour as much as possible, bring it to a velvety consistency and throw it in the oven.


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