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Blackberry Labne Brownie



For Brownie Dough;
-1 cup (200 g) of butter
-1 cup (100 g) of cocoa
-1 cup of sugar (200 g)
-4 eggs
-1 teaspoon of vanilla
-1+ one-quarter cup of flour (200 g)
-Half a teaspoon of carbonate

For the above ;
-200 gr labne cheese
-One third cup of sugar (60 g)
-1 egg
-1 teaspoon of vanilla
-1 cup blackberry (or raspberry)


-The oven is set to 175 degrees and the small pyrex cake mold is lubricated.
-First, to prepare the brownie dough, melt the butter in a deep saucepan, add cocoa, vanilla and sugar and mix well.
-The bottom of the stove is closed and four eggs are broken into the cocoa mixture, whisked well.
-Flour and carbonate are added; The dough which has solidified is mixed well with wooden spoon and spread into the greased cake cup.
-In a separate bowl, the labne cheese is mixed with sugar, eggs and vanilla cream into the mixer.
-Blackberries or raspberries are added, mixed slightly and poured over brownie dough.
-It is cut into slices without much mixing with the oil knife (to allow the cream to pass to the substrate slightly).
-Cook in the preheated oven for about 30-35 minutes, until the cream solidifies.
-It is cooled in Pyrex and served by slicing.

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