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Kugel Cake

Kugel Cake

With Biscuit and Pudding: Kugel Cake Recipe

How about making a cold cake that you can easily prepare, you will not be satisfied with its flavor, and cheer up your tea hours? In this recipe, which will quickly come to the aid of those looking for practical cake recipes, we use only three ingredients for the preparation of the cake.

We place the mixture formed by the perfect combination of milk, vanilla pudding and petibör biscuits in round bowls and freeze for a while. After removing it, we cover it with fragrant chocolate melted in a double boiler and put the last point with powdered pistachios. You can turn this recipe, which is prepared in a very practical way, into a quality time with your children, and you can prepare a kugel cake together as if you were doing an activity.

Ingredients for Kugel Cake Recipe

1 liter milk
2 packets of powdered vanilla pudding
3 packs of peter biscuits (10 whole, the rest crushed)

For the above:

80 grams of dark chocolate (melted)
1.5 tablespoons powdered pistachios

How To Make Kugel Cake Recipe?

In a deep saucepan, add the milk and powdered vanilla pudding and cook over medium heat, whisking constantly.

When it reaches the consistency of pudding, remove the mixture from the stove and cool it at room temperature by stirring occasionally to prevent it from crusting.

Add the broken petibör biscuits into the pudding that has come to room temperature and mix.

Share the inside of the mixture evenly into the round bowls that you have stretched and flatten the bottom.

Add the whole biscuits as a base on the bowls to which you add the mixture. Crumble the biscuits according to their size and cover all sides.

Cover the cakes you have prepared with cling film and leave them in the freezer for 4 hours.

Open the stretches of the cakes you take out of the freezer and take them out of the bowl.

Place the cakes on the wire rack or on a plate to coat with chocolate.

Pour the bitter chocolate melted in a bain-marie, all over the cakes. If you want to give a shape, wait 1-2 minutes for the chocolate you have covered to freeze and then pour the melted chocolate over them in strips.

Finally, sprinkle the powdered pistachios on the cake and serve.

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