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Green Tea Madlen Cake (Matcha)

Green Tea Madlen Cake (Matcha)

Green Tea Madlen Cake Recipe


-100 grammarized butter
-1 cup
-2/3 cups milk
-2 eggs
-3 dessert spoons matcha

How to Make Green Tea Madlen Cake Recipe?

Melt the butter in a small saucepan or pan over a slow fire without bringing it to boiling point.
After the melted butter is strained and filtered, let it cool.
Beat the eggs and powdered sugar on the fast speed of your mixer for about 4 minutes until they have risen well.
Turn down the mixer and add the milk. Whisk for another 1 minute.
Add flour and matcha to the mixture and beat for 1 more minute at low speed.
Finally, add the previously melted butter and beat for 1 more minute at slow speed.
Start heating the oven at 170 degrees.
Grease the cake molds.
Share the mixture in 2 tablespoons per cake mold. If you wish, you can fill your molds with the help of a squeezing bag.
Bake for about 8-9 minutes until your cakes are browned.
Take it out and consume it with pleasure.

Green Tea Madlen Cake Recipe Service Suggestion

You can serve it by sprinkling powdered sugar on it.

Enjoy Your Meal.

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