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Easy, Different and Breathing 18 Birthday Cake Recipes

Easy, Different and Breathing 18 Birthday Cake Recipes
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How to make a birthday cake at home? What are birthday cake recipes?

Here are 18 delicious, practical and different birthday cake recipes that you can easily prepare at home:

There is a type of cake that is mind-blowing, tempting and unable to control itself. Age cakes, which are the leading actors of sweet crises, accompany our every moment. We always have a birthday cake on our happiest day, when we are saddest, depressed, celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. There are always kids waiting for cake time on special occasions. The happiness of sharing our own cakes with our loved ones will be another. We can also be sure that all the ingredients of the cake made at home are safe for our health. We want the cakes to be made at home to be particularly practical but also beautiful. We share practical cake recipes with different recipes to give ideas to those who want to make delicious cakes to accompany our celebrations. We have compiled delicious recipes for the question of how to make magnificent birthday cakes, both with their taste and with an image that shouts “eat me”. Here are 18 yummy homemade birthday cake recipes:

1.Bridal Cake

The bridal cake prepared with cakes, custard and coconut is one of the most popular cakes. Seasonal fruits are used on it. Prepared in an average of 35-40 minutes, the bridal cake appeals to all tastes, from small to large.

2.Crying Cake

We present the saddest of cake recipes to your liking. Even though its name is crying cake, it is a recipe that will make everyone happy with its flavor. Moreover, only 45 minutes to prepare.

3.Cream and Chocolate Cake

With the soft cake prepared at home, cream and chocolate are combined to form a perfect pair. With the added pieces of chocolate on top, both a taste and a visual feast come out. It will be a cake that you cannot get enough of. A wonderful treat that will suit your most special days.

4. Strawberry Cake

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious recipe, strawberry cake is for you. Strawberry cake prepared with the freshest fruits of the season awaits you with its tricks and detailed explanation.

5. Sandy Cake

The sandy cake, which takes its name from its stylish appearance, will be your favorite with its abundant cream and flavor. Once the taste of the chocolate combined with the sour cherry taste, you will want to make the sandy cake continuously. With this delicious flavor, which is not difficult to make at home, the slices you eat will not be cut back and forth.

6. Russian Cake

Prepared with dough, cream and honey, Russian cake is also known as ‘medovik’ in some countries. The Russian cake decorated with forest fruits will create a feast effect with its appearance and taste.

7. Groom Cake

Isn’t it a bride cake but not a groom cake? Do not forget to sweeten the groom cake, which will be the favorite of those who love chocolate cake, with pudding. Saving in terms of time, the groom cake is a practical recipe that can be made easily and quickly for suddenly arriving guests.

8.Banana Roll Cake

We are here with a special recipe for fruit cake lovers. You will love the banana roll cake decorated with banana and cream filling. Preparation of the banana roll cake, only 30 minutes.

9. Fruit Cold Cake

Let’s take those looking for a refreshing recipe like this. Served with fruits, the cold cake is prepared in as little as 25 minutes. It is a candidate to accompany our tables on special occasions such as engagement and birthdays with its celebratory appearance.

10. Spinach Cake

We seem to hear those who heard his name for the first time asking whether spinach can be a cake. You will love the spinach cake prepared with spinach puree, cake and cream. Add the spinach cake recipe to your notes, which will impress even those who do not like spinach.

11. Chocolate Roll Cake

A flavor created by spreading white chocolate cream on a cocoa cake. A taste that needs to be rested by rolling. You will love these slices, which are impressive with their looks. You are here with a more elaborate version of the familiar cake shape.

12. Bienenstich

Bienenstich, a dessert unique to German cuisine, is a type of cake known for its lightness. This cake, which is served especially at tea times, is also known as ‘bee sting cake’.

13. Chocolate German Cake

We put an end to the clichés of “what you call cake is big”. Make your special days unforgettable with the chocolate German cake that goes well with the coffee. This delicious taste that meets the happiness of chocolate will be your favorite.

14. Chocolate Cheesecake

You will not be able to hold back the irresistible charm of chocolate. Add the delicious chocolate cheesecake recipe that looks and tastes like a cake to the birthday list.

15. Coffee Cake

The coffee cake from our reader will be a birthday favorite with its intense aroma. You can easily prepare the coffee cake, which resembles tiramisu with its appearance, in 30 minutes.

16. Malaga Cake

“Classic cakes are nice, but should we try something different this time?” If you say, malaga cake is ideal for you! You can present the malaga cake, which takes its name from a city in Spain, in small portions.

17. Puff Pastry Heart Cake

A crunchy flavor. A recipe that will be loved by those who don’t want to bother with preparing cakes. This time, we decided to use puff pastry dough instead of sponge cake. Take a look at the recipe for heart cake with puff pastry that you can easily shape.

18. Cake with 4 ingredients

Let’s take those who want to prepare delicious cakes with less material. The cake with 4 ingredients from our reader is prepared with egg, powdered sugar, peanut butter and labneh. It is served in small portions.

Bonus: Pastry Cream;

Include the most needed homemade pastry cream recipe in your notes. You will definitely need it.

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