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Crying Cake

Crying Cake


For cake:
-4 eggs
-1 glass of sugar
-1 tablespoon oil
-2 tablespoons of milk
-1 pack of cocoa (3 tablespoons)
-1,5 cups of flour (sieved)
-1 packet of baking powder

To soak the cake:
-2 cups of milk

For Sauce;
-1 pack of chocolate sauce
-2.5 cups of milk

For the above;
-1 bag whipped cream
-1 cup cold milk


First, mix the eggs and sugar thoroughly in the mixing bowl.
The cake dough is prepared by adding the remaining dough ingredients.
You can also use a square pyrex or round pyrex with a size of about 28 × 28.
Pour the dough into a greased oven and bake in a 170 C oven for about 35 minutes.
The first heat of the cake is drilled with toothpicks, 2 cups of milk is spread over.
After the cake has cooled completely, apply the whipped cream.
You can use 2 packages if you want to get more fluid.
Chocolate sauce is prepared and finally covered with plenty of cooling chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce must also be cooled down.
After resting for a few hours, it is served by slicing and decorating as you wish. Bon Appetit.
I will try to answer frequently asked questions for the crying cake recipe.
What can we do if the crying cake batter was too dark?
Weeping cake dough is not a very fluid dough, but the amount of liquid material in it is not much, if the eggs you use are small, then the cake dough can be thick. In the recipe video you can see the consistency clearly if your dough is thick, you can make the dough more fluid by increasing the amount of milk slightly.

Do I have to operate the oven with a turbo fan when cooking cakes?
No you can cook on the middle shelf of the oven by simply opening the upper and lower cooking.

Can I use cake cream instead of whipped cream?
The crying cake recipe should be creamy. When you use pastry cream you will not name the crying cake but the taste will not be bad ? You can also make a cream with your favorite.

Can I use a ready-made chocolate sauce?
It doesn’t matter whether you do it at home or get ready ?

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