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Blue Velvet Cake

Blue Velvet Cake


For the cake:

-4 eggs
-100 grams of soft butter
-250 grams of powdered sugar
-250 grams of milk (a tablespoon of vinegar in it)
-1 packet of vanilla
-2.5 cups
-3 teaspoons of cocoa
-1 packet of baking powder
-2-3 drip blue food coloring (enough)

For the cream:

-200 grams of full-fat white cheese
-250 grams of cream
-1 pack of whipped cream
-1 coffee cup of milk
-1 tablespoon honey


-First, the cream is prepared. Cream cheese and liquid cream are whisked until solid.
-Then add the powdered whipped cream and continue whisking (1 sachet).
-Then, add the milk and honey, mix it for one last time, and place it in the fridge with a stretch.
-While the cream is cooling in the fridge, the cake mixture is prepared. Butter and sugar are whisked until it becomes creamy.
-Then the eggs are added and whisked again.
-Add milk, vanilla and food coloring in which we mixed vinegar and mix.
-Baking powder is added into the lemon juice, the foaming mixture is mixed into the cake mix. Cocoa and flour are then added.
-It is whisked until there is no lump.
-If there is no handcuffed mold, it is emptied on the small round borrowing base with oil paper.
-It is cooked for 20 minutes at 150 degrees fan setting.
-The cake that comes out is divided into two with the help of a rope or knife.
-Cream is spread in between, so that the part at the base of the ovenware is on the cake.
-It is combined and covered with the remaining cream. Enjoy your meal.

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