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Tomato Macarons

Tomato Macarons

Tomato Macarons Recipe

Stunning red velvet macarons are made to impress! Our recipe for crispy and pleasantly chewy macarons filled with sweet and tangy cream cheese filling is with you.


For macaron shells:

-1 cup 100gr almond flour
-3/4 cup 100gr powdered sugar
-1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
-2 large egg whites about 70gr
-¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
-¼ cup 50gr sugar
-1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
-½-3/4 teaspoons red gel food coloring I use this Wilton one

For cream cheese filling:

-¼ cup 55gr cream cheese, softened
-2 tablespoons unsalted butter softened
-1 cup 120gr powdered sugar
-2 teaspoons heavy whipping cream
-½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
-1/8 teaspoon salt

Note: I test all my recipes with both measurements for the most precise and accurate result!


In medium bowl, sift together almond flour, powdered sugar and cocoa powder twice.
In a large mixing bowl with whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foamy.
Add cream of tartar and continue to beat.
Slowly add sugar one tablespoon at a time.
Increase the speed to medium high and beat until hard peaks form.
Add vanilla extract and red food coloring.
Beat on medium speed for one more minute.
Sift the almond flour/powdered sugar mixture over the whipped egg whites.
Gently fold the mixture running the spatula clockwise from the bottom, up around the sides and cut the batter in half.
The batter will look very thick at first, but it will get thinner as you fold.
Every so often test the batter to see if it reached the right consistency.
To test the batter, drop a small amount of the batter and count to ten.
If the edges of the ribbon dissolve within ten seconds, then the batter is ready.
If you still see edges, fold the batter couple more times and test again.
This step is so crucial, so please make sure to test often to ensure not to over mix the batter.
Transfer the batter into a pastry bag with a round tip.
Pipe out 1.5-inch rounds about an inch apart on two baking sheets lined with parchment paper.
If you don’t release the air bubbles, they will expand during baking and crack the beautiful macarons shells.
And who wants cracked macarons, right?
Let the macarons rest and dry for 15-30 minutes.
On a humid day, it might take an hour or so.
To see if it’s ready to be baked, lightly touch it.
If the batter doesn’t stick to your finger, then it’s ready.
Preheat the oven to 300°F (150°C).
Bake the macarons for 18-20 minutes.
To check the doneness, gently remove one macaron.
If the bottom does not stick, they are done.
Transfer to wire rack to cool for 15 minutes, and then remove from the baking sheets.
While macarons are drying, prepare the cream cheese filling.
In a mixing bowl with whisk attachment, beat the cream cheese and butter until fluffy.
Add powdered sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract and salt and beat until well combined.
Transfer the filling into a pastry bag and fill the macarons.
It’s best to serve macarons the next day.
Store the filled macarons in airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.
You can also freeze the filled macarons in airtight container for up to 5 months.

Enjoy Your Meal.

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