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Roll Cake

Roll Cake


-3 eggs
-1 finger of 1 glass of sugar powder missing (120 g)
-1 packet of baking powder
-1 cup of flour (110 g)
-1 packet of vanilla

For cream:
-500 ml of milk
-1 packet of vanilla
-2.5 tablespoons of flour (50 g)
-1 tablespoon of starch (15 g)
-4 tablespoons sugar (65 g)
-1 tablespoon butter

For the break;

For the above;
-1 bag whipped cream
-150 ml cold milk


-First, the cream of the cake is prepared. For cream, add all ingredients except vanilla and butter into a saucepan and mix until thick. After boiling, close the bottom of the stove. Add the vanilla and butter and mix. Then take another container to cool it down quickly until the sponge cake is ready to stretch and let it cool.
-Let’s prepare the sponge cake for our cake. Beat the eggs and sugar thoroughly in a bowl with the help of a mixer until the mixture turns white. Then add the flour, vanilla and baking powder and whisk again.
-Let’s cook our sponge cake. Spread the dough on a tray so that it is evenly thin. Make sure that the baking tray spreads evenly by hitting or shaking it back and forth and bake in a pre-heated 170 degree fanless oven for about 12 minutes.
-Let’s roll our cake. Once the cake is pink, remove it from the oven, turn it over on another baking sheet.
-Peel the baking paper underneath. If the edges are not very smooth, trim them with a knife.
-Let’s put the cream on our cake. Spread all the cream we prepared. Then you can put the banana or other fruits you like in the middle and put them on the cream, then roll them with baking paper, so that you can make fruit r-Roll cakes.
-Let’s rest our cake in the fridge. Stretch the prepared roll to cool down, let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours. Otherwise, the whipped cream will melt.
-Cover the cake and decorate it. After the cake has cooled, prepare the cream site and cover the cake completely. You can decorate with hazelnuts, coconut or cake candies any way you like. You can fold the baking paper like me -and fill the squeezing bag with the chocolate you melt in bain-marie style, then cut the end of the paper and make shapes on your cake. Finally, sprinkle with powdered peanuts and decorate with fruits. Serve by slicing your cake.

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