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10 Different and Yummy Cakes

10 Different and Yummy Cakes

10 Different and Yummy Cake Recipes that make You forget Classic Cakes

Apart from plain cake and cakes with cocoa, carrot and lemon that are at least as classic, this time we will talk about different cake recipes that you have probably never tried before.

Orange and Dried Fruit Winter Cake Recipe

Raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, sesame seeds, dark chocolate … This cake, prepared with all these delicious ingredients, will be the sweetest way to increase your energy in winter! Orange and dried fruit winter cake recipe

Cake Recipe with White Chocolate Sauce

The way to bring a cake to the beauty and taste that can compete with cakes is through delicious sauces. This delicious cake with sauce, which you can easily prepare in a short time, is waiting to be among your new favorites. Cake recipe with white chocolate sauce

Lemon and Lavender Madlen Recipe

Madlen cakes, one of the most famous flavors of French cuisine, are also among those who can’t wait to be a guest in your kitchen. If you want to try different flavors, this time lemon and lavender are at work to ensure you get the different and delicious taste you are looking for. Lemon and lavender madlen recipe

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Recipe

Before the season of pumpkins passes, there is a delicious cake that you should meet as soon as possible. Pumpkin becomes pureed and takes its place in cake mortar with chocolate drops. Flavor after, then slice of happiness. Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Recipe

Refined Sugar-Free Apple Cake Recipe

If you want to make a cake but try not to use refined sugar as much as possible, we would like to say that you can prepare delicious cakes without using refined sugar. It is so delicious that you will never want to use refined sugar while making a cake again. Refined sugar-free apple cake recipe

Tahini Marble Cake Recipe

You should definitely try to make the classic marble cake with the addition of tahini especially in these cold weather. How can it be nice with a hot tea and coffee with it. Tahini marble cake recipe

Salty Cake Recipe with Turmeric

Even though we think of sweet cakes when we think of cakes, we can actually prepare the cake in salty form as if it were sweet, and we can use it almost every time we get hungry from breakfast to tea. See, here is one of the most delicious examples. Salty cake recipe with turmeric

Mixed Corn Flour Cake Recipe

It is not possible to give a single recipe and pass it. If you want to make a salty cake but can’t decide what to put in, this recipe is just for you. Its ingredients are abundant, it is tasty. Mixed Corn Flour Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Spiced Fit Cake Recipe

You will enjoy eating these mini mini portion cakes with peace of mind that you can easily control the portion sizes. It is both very tasty and very fit. Pumpkin spice fit cake recipe

Pomegranate Sauce Cake Recipe

Eating fresh seasonal pomegranates with delight is a distinct flavor, but when they are ready, they should be used in different ways, such as hosting them on delicious cakes, for example. Pomegranate Sauce Cake Recipe

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