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Dry Yeast Bread


Dry Yeast Bread Recipe


-Half pack flour
-2 glasses of water
-2 teaspoons of dry yeast
-1 teaspoon of salt
-1 pinch of sugar

Dry Yeast Bread Making Method:

-Put all the ingredients in a bowl,
-Then add the yeast into the water and mix it until it dissolves.
-Then add the water slowly to the flour and continue to mix well and wait for 10 minutes.
-After this process, you need to knead your resting bread dough for 10 minutes.
-When our dough reaches a smooth consistency, cover your container airtightly and then let it ferment for 3 hours.
-Now, after you have floured your counter well, place your dough and flour the top of it.
-After dividing it into -2 pieces, continue to rest for another half hour and you can shape your rested bread dough.
-Put greaseproof paper on your oven tray and transfer the bread dough you prepared,
-You can now bake and serve your breads at 225 degrees, which you previously heated.

Enjoy your meal.