Month: January 2021

31 Jan, 2021 299

Brownie Cup Sundaes

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31 Jan, 2021 160

French Toast

So Delicious: French Toast Recipe You can enrich breakfasts with French toast, the sweetest and...

31 Jan, 2021 164

Pancake in a Toaster

The Dessert of Breakfast: Pancake Recipe in the Toaster You have many excuses for making...

31 Jan, 2021 200

Easy Rainbow Crepe Roll

Ingredients Crepe Batter: 50g cake flour 20g granulated sugar 1 egg 125ml milk Rainbow Fillings:...

30 Jan, 2021 186

Mother’s Style: Non-Starch Rice Pudding Recipe

If we were to define a bowl of happiness, it would undoubtedly be mother rice...

30 Jan, 2021 172

Tasting Hand Open: Soda Tray Pastry Recipe

Let everybody try water pastry, but if you think it is too easy to make,...

30 Jan, 2021 196

Bosnian Cookie Recipe

It is very, very easy to make, it comes with a recipe that can be...

30 Jan, 2021 158

Liquid Souffle

Forget the cues you know! It is sure to be one of the most delicious...

30 Jan, 2021 168

Enormous recipes tried and loved by everyone in January

2021 is about to come, when we are coming, we have already left a whole...

30 Jan, 2021 180

Parsley Pastry

Favorite of pastry stalls, these little pastries with lots of cheese as parsley or fringed...

30 Jan, 2021 165

Yeast Pastry

If the warm yeasted pastry puff puff out of the oven has risen, one doesn’t...

30 Jan, 2021 161

Japanese Pancake

Dorayaki: Japanese Pancake Recipe Did you know that you can make your milk burger at...

30 Jan, 2021 174

Butter Pastry

We have an indispensable pastry recipe for those who try it! Let’s take you to...

30 Jan, 2021 209

Chocolate Bombs

Chocolate bombs or chocolate bombs are in fashion because of how much fun they are...

29 Jan, 2021 220

Leaf Litter Cake

The leaf litter cake strudel is quite similar to the strudel cake, since the strudel...

29 Jan, 2021 183

Cinnamon Cake (Soursop)

The Venezuelan soursop cake is made from a filled sponge cake covered with soursop, you...

27 Jan, 2021 188

Carrot And Cinnamon Cake

Being a member of the parsley family, the homeland of the carrot is Central Europe....

27 Jan, 2021 219

Gansito Cake

El Gansito is a very famous commercial pastry bakery in Mexico, and who wouldn’t love...

26 Jan, 2021 163

Oat Flour Fit Balls

We are with you with only 3 ingredients, uncooked, healthy snacks. Although I do not...